Who Will Feed the Cat While We’re Gone?

Humans, as much as some like to state the opposite, are pack animals. We depend on social interactions for mental stability, at least to some extent that is. However, in a state of crisis, much more than our mental endurance is at stake.
We rely on each other’s skills, provisions, and experience.

The title of the work is a metaphor for our collective responsibility to care for one
another and our environment. It highlights the importance of community and the impact it has on our chances of survival.

As a society, we must learn to work together, to share our resources in order to multiply the favorable outcomes. The alternative is bleak: without anyone to feed the cat while you’re away, hunger will come, and the cat will die.

Our care for others serves as a sort of sincere, anti-capitalist form of currency of community, a reminder that our interconnectedness is not just a matter of social cohesion, but also a matter of survival.

Agate Lielpetere

Who Will Feed the Cat While We’re Gone?
triptych, oil on cardboard, 100 x 71 cm each, 2023


Available upon inquiry – info@agatelielpetere.com

24.3. – 28.4.2023
Tam-Tam Street Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
reproduction – digital print