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1st DROP: Bruised and Confused
“Bruised and Confused” by Agate Lielpetere is a reflection of the maximalist thinking so often associated with the youth. As the capillary bursts and the blood layers under the skin gradients of all possible colors are created and can be observed changing on one’s skin. From deep purple shaped by the still hemoglobin-rich blood under the skin to slightly visible fading yellow-green. Each artwork is given the name of a real person – peer of the artist, person who wears the bruise – it serves as a reminder of how easily bruises can be impersonated.

Originally printed by hand in silkscreen using the CMYK four-color raster technique the artworks have been transformed into digital RGB moving images that amplify the colorfulness of the bruise.

Artist comments that these moving images are the bruise versions of lava lamps.

Exhibited and dropped at 
Rare Effect Vol.2 NFT Festival 
Arroz Estudios, Lisbon, Portugal + Cryptovoxels, May 12th – 22nd, 2021

Bruised and Confused. Luize 1200×900 px, animated GIF, 5.6 MB, 2021
Luize, the owner of the bruise, says this bruise is a result of a very drunken and overly friendly evening at a bar. There was dancing and there was falling.

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Bruised and Confused. Aina 1200×900 px, animated GIF, 7.6 MB, 2021
Aina, the owner of the bruise, claims this bruise surfaced on her finger after a wooden sword duel with her little brother.

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Bruised and Confused. Anna 1200×900 px, animated GIF, 43.3 MB, 2021
According to Anna, the owner of the bruise, she acquired the impressive bruising on her bottom while engaging in a certain exotic hobby of hers.
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