The Glass Ceiling

The starting point for the exhibition “The Glass Ceiling”, was the consideration of personal stories and positions of female visual artists from the youngest, post-transition generation. Tina Konec, Agate Lielpetere and Sara Rman use drawings, paintings and installations to offer an insight into the conditions the chosen artists live and work in, alongside the relations of power, which – due to the deeply rooted gender class, often remain invisible. The exhibition is thus a visual story of societal expectations, demands and obstacles they face as female artists, marked by the social gender.

In her diptych painting “Three young women contemplating about the prosperity of their careers”, Agate Lielpetere draws upon the myth of success, and its proclamation that hard allows us to achieve anything. With her idiosyncratic humour and a touch of irony, she points to the discrepancy between the myth, and a reality in which success is conditioned upon social structures and mechanisms.

Three young women contemplating about the prosperity of their careers
diptych, oil on canvas, 80 x 120 cm each, 2021
acrylic on cardboard, 64 x 32 cm, 2021

07.10. – 5.11.2021
Extended gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Curator: Teja Kosi
Produced by: Poligon Creative Centre

Photos: Mankica Kranjec